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The Drowned Man

The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable Review

By on 22/11/2013

Secret Cinema changed the face of cinema and the experience that people want to obtain from going to the movies. It has lead to an increase in themed nights and made going to the cinema more immersive. Punchdrunk‘s The Drowned Man has done the same for theatre – I cannot look at another normal theatre performance […]

the strange color of your bodys tears

London Film Festival 2013: The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears (L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps) Review

By on 22/11/2013

“Style over substance in movie” is often used i negative sense to describe a movie that generally has a lot of visual style and uses this to compensate the lack of story. There are some movies however which thrive on this.  These films are to be experienced rather than watched. Valhalla Rising & Enter The Void […]

Review: BMW Art Drive! at the NCP Car Park Great Eastern Street

By on 15/08/2012

Street art was the first of the modern arts to take art out of the galleries and make it part of the public space. The urban landscape and surrounding environment becomes a part of the art piece itself The has been a recent movement of taking art out of the galleries and translating it into […]