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Good Bad Movie Trailer

Good Bad Movie Trailer: Blacula

By on 19/03/2013

Forget Twilight. I present to you Dracula’s soul brother – Blacula, the black avenger – tooooooo funny!!!

Good Bad Movie Trailer: The Black Gestapo

By on 20/02/2013

In the last one of these we got very politically incorrect with Surf Nazis Must Die. Now we are continuing this with the Blaxploitation flick The Black Gestapo. Classic

Good Bad Movie Trailer: Surf Nazis Must Die

By on 29/01/2013

I present to you Surf Nazi’s Must Die. OMG, this trailer is too much!!!! No words – just watch this for pure cheese. I need this movie in my life!!! “Leroy’s Mama” LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

Good Bad Movie Trailer: Fantastic Four (1994)

By on 15/01/2013

Before the garbage Jessica Alba version there was a pretty much unknown version of the Fantastic Four made in 1994. This super low budget version produced by Roger Corman looks absolutely cheesy & amazing. It was made never to be released as the studio would have lost the rights to the movie if production was […]