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Swerve on the beach

Swerve on the Beach in Kavos in September

By on 15/07/2019

Swerve on the beach is coming to the beach for a 5 day party in Greece between 26th and 30th September. After nearly 30 years in the game, we feel the time is right to offer our dedicated followers something quite unique. Come and party with some of the originals and new artists alike. The […]

Sweet Harmony

The opening of Sweet Harmony: Rave Today at The Saatchi Gallery

By on 12/07/2019

I had the pleasure of going to the private view of Sweet Harmony: Rave Today at the Saatchi Gallery. Its their new exhibition delving into rave culture through the lens of those who experienced it Over more than 2 floors of the gallery there are spaces dedicated to the many aspects over different zones featuring […]

William Friedkin

Seeing William Friedkin live at the Prince Charles Cinema

By on 28/06/2019

I am a William Friedkin stan. He is one of the greatest directors out there. His back catalogue speaks for itself with films like French Connection, The Exorcist, Cruising and The Sorcerer his greatness can’t be denied One of his best films is a 80s gem by the name of To Live and Die in […]


Stonehenge summer solstice

By on 22/06/2019

I just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to Stonehenge for the summer solstice The summer solstice is the best time to visit as you get full access to the stones. Its a truly spiritual place and use much of my time there as a place for reflection before we bring in a new age […]