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Auchwitz gates

Visiting Auschwitz was emotional and deeply sobering

By on 29/09/2018

I’m currently in Poland on a solo trip for my birthday eating and drinking my way through Krakow and Warsaw, as part of the trip I visited Auschwitz which was an experience It was such a lovely day and I arrived at about 8am. There was a sense of calm and beauty to the area […]

International Men's Day

Speaking at the International Men’s Day event to break the stigma of mental health

By on 21/11/2017

For some time now I’ve been ignoring my issues of poor mental health. Hiding it upon layers of compartmentalisation and with the help of alcohol. This year I started cognitive behavioral therapy and have since seen a psychotherapist and my outlook has changed immensely since This week as part of International Men’s Day it was […]

Takashi Miike

Bumping into Takashi Miike at the London Film Festival

By on 09/10/2017

Takashi Miike is possibly the most prolific directors alive. From the ultra violence of Ichi The Killer, to the controversy of Audition, to the lynchian weirdness of Gozu and even children’s movies Down at the BFI London Film Festival last night I was in attendance for his 100th movie Blade of the Immortal and the […]

The films I got tickets for – BFI London Film Festival 2017

By on 15/09/2017

Its the time of the year again – the BFI London Film Festival resturns for 2017 and I got a set of tickets for a host of movies. I’m excited to be a part of it again. Reviews to come soon 🙂 Here is the line up Chauka, Please Tell Us The Time An urgent […]