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nigger in a woodpile

Anne Marie Morris and Casual Racism

By on 11/07/2017

We live in the age of casual racism (and sexism for that matter). They are so acceptable in our society today that they run throughout our TV, media and even our politics Both today Stormzy being mixed up with Lukaku by the Irish Herald and Tory MP for Newton Abbot Anne Marie Morris at some […]

The power of social media presence of musicians

By on 16/06/2017

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the responsibilities that musicians have in bringing about social change. It formed the basis of one of my articles back in February – There has been so much more since that it already needs a more UK-centric update which will happen soon Today it got me thinking as […]

Cognitive Space

Tendai – Cognitive Space Public Service Announcement 2017

By on 16/06/2017

Its been quite a while….this site has been offline for quite sometime but we’re back. Life has changed a lot and so will a lot of the focus of this site. Although there will be plenty of mixes and things to do around town like always so many things have changed in society and in […]

nicolas winding refn

Seeing Nicolas Winding Refn at The Prince Charles Cinema

By on 25/10/2016

Nicolas Winding Refn is an auteur in the true sense. His style although ever changing and evolving over the year has now found its place and in way solidified with his films now being emblazoned with the NWR logo as a branded experience. I have been following his film career since I was first exposed […]