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J Dilla

Rest In Peace J Dilla

By on 07/02/2019

Today would have been the mighty J Dilla’s 45th birthday. The legendary producer passed away from Lupus in 2006 and I miss him every year on Dilla day I drop one of my favourite tracks of his This weekend if you’re out there looking to celebrate Dilla’s life in London then Doctor’s Orders is having […]

Mute R Kelly

Surviving R. Kelly

By on 15/01/2019

The Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly has recently aired on TV in the States and rightfully so has caused a much overdue uproar I’ve not seen the show yet but it seems it doesn’t show anything new that already wasn’t in the public domain. There has been many accounts of sexual misconduct against R. Kelly, […]

Swerve Xmas Special

Swerve Xmas special at Sedition – 21st December

By on 07/12/2018

Its been a hot minute but Swerve has returned for it Xmas liquid drum ‘n’ bass session at Sedition near Old Street My arm is still in a cast but I’m able to play. Its going to be an amazing night I’ll be playing alongside Fabio, Bryan G and Makoto Lets get it on Friday […]

torn ligaments

I managed to tear the ligaments in my wrist

By on 18/11/2018

Its been a wild couple of weeks. I was knocked over playing basketball a few weeks ago with what I thought was a minor injury. It turned out I fractured my wrist and tore two ligaments which is wild. I ended up having surgery to reinforce the ligaments and a couple of days in hospital […]