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Tendai is a London based DJ / producer with interests not only in music but in movies, philosophy, society, social movements and art & events. This site is a "cognitive space" encompassing all of those themes

Cognitive spaces are workspaces of the mind

Cognitive space used the analogy of location of two, three or higher dimensional space to describe and categorize thoughts, memories and ideas. Cognitive space is the starting point for any innovation, as it is the place where humans initiate and organize their thoughts, ideas and memories. The basic unit of cognitive space is the individual who interacts with and makes sense of the surrounding physical environment through information space. Each individual has his/her own cognitive space, resulting in unique categorization of their ideas
~ What are cognitive spaces?
Recent posts
Swerve on the beach

Swerve on the Beach in Kavos in September

By on 15/07/2019

Swerve on the beach is coming to the beach for a 5 day party in Greece between 26th and 30th September. After nearly 30 years in the game, we feel the time is right to offer our dedicated followers something quite unique. Come and party with some of the originals and new artists alike. The […]


Stonehenge summer solstice

By on 22/06/2019

I just got back from my yearly pilgrimage to Stonehenge for the summer solstice The summer solstice is the best time to visit as you get full access to the stones. Its a truly spiritual place and use much of my time there as a place for reflection before we bring in a new age […]

Too Old To Die Young

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Too Old To Die Young is about to drop

By on 06/06/2019

I’ve been excited to see Nicolas Winding Refn’s Too Old To Die Young since he first spoke about it at his screening of The Neon Demon at the Prince Charles Cinema 3 years ago. He is a true auteur and one of the most influential directors of our current times in my opinion. Too Old […]

Threads Radio

Tendai Live on Threads Radio

By on 28/05/2019

In the run up to Swerve at Kolis Club next week I did a live set and interview on Threads Radio earlier today – I played two sets one Swerve pre 2000 and one Swerve post 2000, dedicated to Marcus Intalex who passed away two years ago today Here are the facebook live videos […]

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